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Is there a warranty on re-built equipment? google3a004d6a8bdf1519.html

Yes, the duration and type of warranty differs depending on what piece of equipment you are purchasing.

What is the fastest way to purchase parts on the website? 

The fastest way is either to use your credit card information or use a paypal account.

If a part is not available in the warehouse can I still purchase it through Graphic Innovators?

Graphic Innovators houses thousands of new and used printing press equipment ranging from auxiliary equipment to plant support equipment. There isn't any order they can't fulfill and if they don't have it in the warehouse they can locate it for you through their extensive networking system.

Can Graphic Innovators provide training on equipment and presses?

All of the mechanical and electrical field service technicians are familiar with a variety of makes and models and will prepare to repair or upgrade your printing press before they arrive on-site. And if need be, customers can request a certified trainer to accompany them to the job to provide equipment and printing press training for their own staff.

Do I have to put a deposit down when in the purchasing process? 

A deposit is not required but Graphic Innovators products are on a first come first serve basis, so it is in your best interest to secure the products you want with a deposit.