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288 - New Beiren 3840 Printing Units

Serial: XXXXXX

Model: 3850

Year: 2010

SKU: 288

22.776" Cutoff (578.5mm) 38" Web Width (965mm):

Beiren 3850 Printing Units, 22.776" Cutoff (578.5mm) 38" Web Width (965mm):

Graphc Innovators offers the following Model Beiren Printing Units:

Beiren 3840 Offset Printing Units, rated speed is 40,000 IPH (Line-Shafted)

Beiren 3845 Offset Printing Units, rated speed is 45,000 IPH (Shaft-less)

Beiren 3850 Offset Printing Units, rated speed is 50,000IPH (Fully Shaft-less)

New Industry Proven Shaftless Direct Coupled Bosch Rexroth Individual Ac Drives For Printing Units, Infeed, Chillstand And Folder, For Quickest Makeready And Highest Print Quality

Individual Unit Make-Ready Capabilities Including: Auto Plate Cylinder Gap Positioning For Ease Of Plate Removal And Install, Quick Over Center Spring Loaded Plate Lock-Ups And Automatic Indexing Of Plate Cylinders On Start-Up.

Virtually Maintenance Free Ac Motor Package. Twice As Efficient And 10% Of The Maintenance Of Comparable Dc Drive Systems

Electronic Unit To Unit Phasing (No Mechanical Phasers)

Quick Make-Ready Features for the New Beiren 3845 Press:

•11” Full Bleed Print Capacity

•Presetting Of Remote Inking

•Rexroth Shaftless Drive Technology

•Closed Loop Color

•Automatic Sequencing Of Water

•And Ink

•Automatic Unit Timing

•Inline Cylinder Stack Profile

•1 To 1 Plate Cylinder To Blanket


•Auto Gap Positioning

•Individual Unit Make Ready


•Quick Plate Lock Ups

•Remote Form Roller Adjustment

•Programmable Auto Start-Up


•Declutching Mechanism For

•Declutching Inkers

•Water Cooled Inker Rollers

•Motorized Circumferential & Side Lay

•Plate Cocking

•Motorized Ink Balls

•Brush, Duotrol & Spray Dampening Systems

Printing Unit Features:


•Chrome Plated plate and blanket cylinder bodies
•Solid steel plate and blanket cylinder construction
•.015 plate and .071 blanket undercut
•H-13 Alloy steel cylinder bearers
•Precision SKF cylinder bearings
•Quick plate lock ups
•Plate cocking of plus or minus .013
•Motorized sidelay and circumferential register of plus or minus .125
•Unit to unit phasing
Inker System:

•Three ink form rollers
•Remote roller setting adjustment for all ink form rollers
•Nylon cover vibrator rollers
•Water cooled ink vibrator rollers
•Needle bearings and hard bearing races used on all vibrator rollers
•Heavy duty roller hanger construction made for infinite longevity
•Inker clutch for upper and lower inkers allows for disengagement when not being used
•Smooth independent worm drive oscillation mechanisms with adjustable stroke
•Automatic grease system provides necessary lubrication to vibrator roller bearings
Dampening System:

•Hard chrome plated water vibrator rollers
•Independent water form roller
•Customer Choice Of Dampening Systems
•Spray Dampening Option
•Graphic Innovators Duo-Trol Dampening
Ink Fountain:

•Solid cast iron ink fountain casting available for several OEM Inking Systems
•Segmented Ink Fountain Blades for ease of zone control
•Ratchet fountain ball drive with remote motorized control from the operators console
•Low profile ink doctor cams for smooth roller contact and consistent ink transfer
•Customers Choice Of Remote Ink Control System with Closed Loop Color
•QTI plate room interface allows for ink key preset prior to start up
Shaft-Less Drive Features:

•Individual Printing Unit Drives
•Unit to Unit on the fly Phasing Adjustment
•Individual unit inching for make ready purposes
•Elimination of excessive mechanical drive shaft components.
•Better print quality
•Ultimate tension control
•Individual inching of the Folder for make ready purpose
•Individual inching of the Chill Roll Stand useful for ease of web up
•Tighter cut off control
•Safety benefits built in the press program
•Auto plate cylinder positioning for de-plating
•Auto re-zero circumferential
•Device Net AB Compact I/O for control of each Unit
•360 degree unit phasing from the Press console
•Local means of engaging/disengaging
•Standard ANSI pushbutton control
•Independent jog of each unit – when in Make-Ready mode
•Independent plate cylinder positioning for deplating and plating of each unit
•Independently motorized upper and lower plate lateral and circumferential
•Automatic retiming of units when switched from Make-ready to Run mode
•Automatic positioning of plate cylinders for deplating when performing a make-read

Typical Applications:
- High speed/quality commercial web offset printing


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