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2983 - Rebuilt Horizontal Stackers with Strapping


Model: SMC V2000 or Similar


SKU: 2983

horizontal drum-less stacker with 42” uncompressed opening

Adjustable Crusher Roller
Adjustable Jogger
Arc Roller Timing Belt Delivery
Signature Separator Flag
Bundle Transfer
Dynaric Semi-Automatic Strapping Head
Press Following

Rebuilt Horizontal Stackers with Strapping:

Single stream delivery, horizontal drum-less stacker with 42” uncompressed opening, upon customer spec, bundle transfer and motorized roller section after the strapping zone to push the strapped bundle out and onto the accumulator table (3’ in depth). The 300 has an adjustable extension in-feed conveyor, tach following, self driven crusher roll system with simple external adjustments to adjust for signature thickness on each end of the roller, fully enclosed in-feed section with Plexiglas easy access door and safety shutoff, heavy duty signature jogger with variable speed controls and easy external adjustment, 3/8” adjustable round belting used for signature transport to the vertical signature carriage assembly, clear wire supported signature drive belts, quick and simple external stripper support flag system, semi-automatic bundle transfer to the compression zone, all heavy duty construction, includes automatic strapping head.

Machine Specifications:
Voltage: 230VAC
Current: 10 Amps, 2.5Kw
Frequency: 50 – 60 Hz
Phase: Singe Phase
Air: 80 – 100psi @ 3cfm

Control Means:
Motor Drive: Solid State DC Motor
Speed Controller with Press Speed
Allen Bradley Micro Logic PLC

Signature Size:
Length of Signature: In Delivery Direction - 3” / 76mm Minimum - 13” / 330mm Maximum

Width of Signature: Across the Delivery - 6” / 152mm Minimum - 20” / 508mm Maximum

Bundle Size:
15” Minimum - 42” Maximum

Typical Applications:


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