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4404 - New Press Control Consoles


Model: GI Press Consoles

Year: New

SKU: 4404

Operator Control Consoles for press Operation

Allen Bradley Panel View Touch Screen to control all press functions

Control all press operation at one area

Fully programmable ink and water curves

Drive Diagnostics

Control Logix processor and Panel view

a. Processor will use an industrial Ethernet port to talk to the panel view and allow remote access.
b. Ladder logic will be grouped according to function to allow ease of troubleshooting.
c. Complete Tag database and PLC setup will be provided
d. Panel View Plus, an industrial CE based, operators interface will operate RS View software.
e. Runtime license is provided.
f. Control and troubleshooting features
i. First out web break detection with location tantalizers.
ii. One button press start-up and shutdown.
iii. Stop in safe readout.
iv. Enhanced drive diagnostics.
v. Alarm History.
vi. Fault log.
vii. Clutch status.
viii. Press status.
ix. Fully programmable ink and water curves. Allows the ability to set desired curves for different substrates based on a ten point linear curve.
x. Programmable accel and decel auto sequencing (time/impression/speed). Allows for the start up or shutdown of the print units based on a speed or impression unit function sequencer.
xi. Press Product counters-total count of impressions in billions, waste counter in millions and good counter in millions.
xii. Back up manual register system integrated into the main console touch screen. This feature allows operator to move register unit by unit should the primary register system go down.
xiii. PLC interface with WPC controls Manual moves of registration through the HMI in (2) modes. General moves through operator push button control. Distance moves by selecting a cylinder, entering the move amount and direction.

Typical Applications:
Press Operation Control


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