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4675 - Cohesio Label Line

Serial: xxxx


Year: 2007

SKU: 4675

Produce your own pressure sensitive material

Cohesio is used for the following Applications:

- before printing, for the production of self-adhesive rolls to feed existing presses;

- after printing, to produce a finished self-adhesive label from a pre-printed facestock.

Compact and simple to use, the Cohesio can convert any type of paper, board or film into self-adhesive material.

Two unwinds are directing the facestock and the liner into the Cohesio line. During the process, the liner is coated with silicone and adhesive, subsequently, the top material is joined with the liner to result in a pressure sensitive label stock.

The Cohesio can be used to manufacture your own
rolls of pressure sensitive material. An unsupported
facestock (pre-printed or not) passes through the
Cohesio to get transformed into self-adhesive label
stock, die-cut and finished. In all cases, the Cohesio
allows for more flexibility (e.g. printing under the
adhesive), reduces the printing waste and generates
huge savings in the label production process.

Typical Applications:
Making pressure sensitive material


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