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4701 - TEC Coanda Plus Heatset Package with Dryers and Chill Stands

Serial: 105427

Model: TEC Coanda Plus

Year: 1995

SKU: 4701

22’ long, 40” opening, Double pass Dryers (2 Zones) with two Chill stands

2 Pass Heatset Package with dryers and 4 roll Chill stands

Fully Automatic Doors, Two Zone Dryers, 22' In Length each pass

Long Dryers for High speeds and quality printing

TEC Coanda Plus Double Pass Dryers,

(fully automatic doors),

2-Zone, 2-Pass 22 ft in length

Dryer Controls

smoke tunnel

(2) Heidelberg Harris 4 Roll Chill stands

Typical Applications:
Commercial Heatset Package

• Price for the 2 Pass Dryers and chill stands is $35,000 • Price for the 1 Pass Dryer and chill stand is $20,000

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