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4753 - Elettra Blanket Washer system

Serial: xxxx

Model: Fastwash

Year: Rebuilt

SKU: 4753

38" (965mm) wide blanket washer system

Elettra Blanket Washer system

available for up to 8 perfecting printing units 38" (965mm) wide


The Automatic Blanket Washing System FASTWASH performs blanket cylinder cleaning using a cloth sprayed with a cleaning agent maintaining the printing units in Impression_ON and at FULL Speed.
The combination of a uniform mechanical action and a chemical action of the cleaning agent uniform distribution guarantees perfect and reliable blanket washing during press production.

Impression on washing cycle at Full press speed
Consistent Blanket Wash Quality and Solvent Distribution
Improved Productiveity, More Flexibly and Press Better Perfromace
Wash time & Waste are cut 50% compared to Brush & other blanket washer systems
Consumables items including solvent and cloth are available from many sources
Reduced downtime and labor costs compared to manually washing blankets
Return on Investment can be achieved in two years of less!

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