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5067 - 2007 Gammerler SV 500 Stackers

Serial: xxxx

Model: SV500 / PL 500

Year: 2007

SKU: 5067

vertical log stacker

(2) Two 2007 Gammerler SV 500 vertical log Stackers

(1) 2007 Gammerler PL 500 palletizing system

(2) 2007 Gammerler SV 500 Stackers

vertical log stackers

(1) 2007 Gammerler PL 500 palletizing system

The PL 500 Log Palletizer, never before shown in North America, will also be fully operational. With cycle times as fast as 15 seconds, the PL 500 Log Palletizer is the fastest log palletizer on the market. Logs can be turned 90 or 180 degrees, providing the freedom to build pallet patterns that optimize bindery efficiency and protect bindery laps. The control panel comes with remote diagnostic ability and provides support for trouble shooting. A variety of options are available including a slip sheet feeder and pallet dispenser.

Typical Applications:
Log Stacking

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