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5274 - 2006 MAN UNISET 75 web press system

Serial: xxxxx

Model: UNISET 75

Year: 2006

SKU: 5247

22.75" Cutoff (578mm) x 40" Width (1020mm)

2006 MAN UNISET 75 web press system
Age: 2006
Cut Off: 578 mm
Max. Web width: 1020 mm
Max. Speed: 37.500 c.p.h (collect) / 70.000 c.p.h straight

2006 MAN UNISET 75 web press system 578mm Cutoff

Max mechanical speed:
Straight: 70,000 CPH
Collect: 37,500 CPH
Layout: TTT F TTT

Equipment Specifications:

(1) MAN Reel Preperation and Loading Station for 3 Splicers
(3) MEGTEC DLP 1000 Flying Splicers
(3) MAN Uniset 4H Printing Towers
Turbo dampening
Remote inking control
Shaftless drive
(1) Automatic Web Up Device
Reel to RTF
laminated magnetic chain
(1) Betz Automatic Ink Supply System
(1) Baldwin BasicLner 15.0 dampening metering and re-circulation
(1) Web Break Detection System
(1) MAN Tecosys tension control system
(1) Folder superstructure
(1) MAN KFN80 2:3:3 Jaw Folder
Collect / non-collect
Motorised on the run adjustment
Shaftless drive
For broadsheet, tabloid and ¼ fold production
(1) MAN PECOM Press Operating System
(1) MAN P3 Press Control Consoles
22” colour graphic screens
(1) Electrical AC Drive System

Typical Applications:
High Speed Newspaper Printing

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