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5278 - 1997 Nilpeter Rotolabel Press: MO-3300 /4+3 (4) Offset Print Units with (3) Flexo Units

Serial: 4936

Model: M-3300/4+3

Year: 1997


13”-3/8” Width and Die Cut Width of 13”, (4) Offset Print Units with 3 Flexo Units


Single unwind unit with unwind shaft (air) in a standard diameter of 3" and automatic web tension control. Unwind station with web guide control and splicing table.
Standard infeed station prepared for fitting of Corona treating unit and web cleaning device.
System unit with pull nip station and one exchangeable die-cutting cassette comprising a 1-position die-cutting unit with repeat from 8" to 25" as standard. The unit is completed with die pressure roller assembly, but excluding die-cutting cylinder. Transmission unit with conventional matrix rewinding and extra pull nip system, motor equipment, and operating panel. Rewind section with rewind shaft (air) in a standard diameter of 3". Trolley for offset, hot foil and die-cutting cassettes. Motor capacity: 27 HP (20 kW) Drying: UV-curing - one lamp after each printing unit

The OFFSET rotary unit is of the wet offset type using conventional offset plates. The offset plates are mounted on a plate cylinder with a cylinder gap of 2.5-3 mm, meaning a non-printable area of 0.118". Complete including damping circulating unit without cooling as standard, and without printing cassettes. The FLEXO unit includes doctor blade chamber assembly, ink pump, and standard anilox roller, but is without printing cylinder. The SCREEN unit includes squeegee assembly and ink pump, but is without screen.

Nilpeter Model M-3300 Offset Press with Four (4) Offset Platforms, Three (3) Multi-Function Platforms

This unit is capible of UV, Flexo, Screen, Hot Foil Stamping, and any combination of the four printing processes

• Model: M-3300/4+3 (4) Offset Print Units with 3 Flexo Units
• 13”-3/8” Width and Die Cut Width of 13”
• Printing Repeats:
Offset : 13" - 25"
Flexo : 8" - 25"
Screen : 22" - 25"
Hot Foil : 8" - 25"
• Offset Print Units rebuilt within the last two years

• 4-color MO-3300 offset press
• Three (3) Platforms M-3300 for flexo, screen, and hot foil printing, excl. Rotocontrol.
• Three (3) Flexo cassette, incl. doctor blade chamber assembly, standard anilox roller, and pump.
• Rotocontrol 3000 - automatic electronic length register control between printing units:
• 7-color machine
• Four (4) Offset cassettes, repeat length of 20”
• Web cleaner with ionizing and suction device
• Four (4) Ink agitators
• Refrigerated damping circulating unit
• Seven (7) Cooling plates for web cooling, incl. tubes.
• Rotocontrol 3300, automatic, electronic 360 degree length register control on system/converting unit
• Two (2)Trolley for offset, hot foil and die-cutting cassettes
• Bending unit for offset plates
• Register bar for offset plates mounted at bending unit
• Automatic matrix removal including conveyor belt for transporting the compressed waste
• Automatic press stop device at matrix breaks (waste rewinding)
• Sensor for digital counting of individual labels
• Video web print control system, Pro Mark manufacture: Model Pro Scan Eagle, Standard, basic machine
• Sensor for digital counting of individual labels
• Double UV-curing installation at 7th platform (final flexo station)

Typical Applications:
• Label Press

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