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5334 - 2012 KBA Rapida 162A-5+L

Serial: xxxx

Model: 162A-5+L

Year: 2012

SKU: 5334

64" (1620 x 1200) 5 Color Format

2012 KBA Rapida 162A-5+L

64" (1620 x 1200) 5 Color Format

Impressions: 6 Million

2012 KBA Rapida 162A-5+L

64" (1620 x 1200) 5 Color Format

Press has all the latest in press color control technology KBA offers along with the ability to print direct micro flute and to center slit in the delivery

Varidamp dampening system
Colortronic console
QualTronic ICR - in the machine
automatically registers measurement and adjustment during printing
QualTronic Live View - live demonstration of the screen every printed sheet
QualTronic professional - inline color density measurement
01 chip Link X software CD (CIP3 / 4 connection)
ACR video control registration
Mechanical layer managers and blower air for thick cardboard (> 600 g / m²)
Cardboard device (approx. 450g / m² in the beginning)
Additional packages for micro-corrugated cardboard
Carton input (> 450g / m² required as from)
With micro-corrugated package
Cardboard dust suction device
Raised machine (840mm)
Slitting device
Automatic impression cylinder washers
PWHA semi-automatic plate changing
Automatic ink roller washers
Automatic blanket washers
Grafix Megatronic powder spray
Harris & Bruno Anilox coater
Baldwin refrigeration device
IR dryer with hot air knives

Typical Applications:
Sheetfed Printing

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