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5458 - DGM Manugraph 430 w/ (16) Units arranged as (3) DGM 430 4-Highs, (2) DGM 430 2-Highs


Model: Manugraph 430


SKU: 5458

21.5" Cutoff x 35" Web Width (546mm x 889mm)

- (16) Units arranged as (4) 4-High towers
- (4) Full page motorized linear compensators
- (4) Jardis Industries Model FS5036-11 50” diameter splicers w/ remote sidelay and tension control (2 tandem pairs)
- All necessary platforming and connecting shaft modifications
- (1) DGM 1035 Folder w/ Upper Former

- Continuous “Sock Type” dampening.
- Variable speed control for each water fountain roller.
- Eight roller ink train consisting of: (1) Steel ink fountain roller; (1) Plastic covered micrometric roller; (2) Copper finish vibrator rollers; (2) Rubber covered ink transfer rollers; (2) Rubber covered ink form rollers.
- Press speed tracking ink fountain roller with quick charge over ride.
- Drop down ink fountain with 24 calibrated levers.
- Motorized “on-the-run” adjustment of plate cylinder sidelay. Calibrated movement of +/- .125”.


-(16) Units arranged as
- (3) DGM 430 4-Highs
- (2) DGM 430 2-Highs
- 21.5” Cut-off
- Rated at 35,000 copies per hour
- Maximum Web Width: 35”

- Motorized “on-the-run” adjustment of #10 side plate cylinder circumferential register. Calibrated movement of +/- .0625”.
- Motorized “on-the-run” adjustment of unit-to-unit register for 4 high arrangements. Calibrated movement of +/- .125”.
- Plate and Blanket Cylinders are solid stainless steel. Dynamically balanced and supported by preloaded tapered roller bearings.
- Pneumatic actuation of water forms, ink forms, and impression.
- Slot gap plate cylinder lock up, with center pin register.
- Plate Cylinder standard under cut .014” (or to your specification)
- Reel rod (narrow gap) Blanket Cylinder lock up.
- Blanket Cylinder standard under cut .081”.
- Oil lubricated gear train, and central grease header.
- Heavy duty drive shaft with Thomas couplings.
- Operator Side Controls include:
- Safe/Stop/Ready selector
- Inch button
- Dampener speed control knobs
- Water motor on/off switch
- Ink feed
- Ink form
- Dampener form
- Blanket cylinder impression
- Sidelay and circumferential adjustment
- Top Iron with web lead rollers.
- Ultrasonic type web break detectors.
- Conforming interlocked safety guards.
- 4-High Arrangements include full platforming with diamond plate finish, safety railing, and access ladders.


- (1) DGM 1035 Folder w/ Upper Former
- 21.5” Cut-off
- Rated at 35,000 copies per hour
- Maximum Web Width: 35”
- LOWER FORMER: 56º standard angle former board.
- UPPER FORMER: 56º standard angle former board.
- (3) sets of nipping rollers
- Roller top of former is belt driven. Web tension by three pneumatically operated trolleys.
- Tabloid slitter via crushing slitter through opening in former board onto a hardened steel bearing.
- Single diameter cutting cylinder, dynamically balanced and supported by tapered roller bearings.
- Double diameter jaw cylinder, dynamically balanced and supported by tapered roller bearings. Jaw actuation via torsion bar. Manual lap fold adjustment of +/- .380”.
- Half folded product is delivered to the delivery belt with closed edge leading.
- Maximum (10) web capacity, half fold product; 30 lb. Newsprint.
- Maximum (8) web capacity, quarter fold product; 30 lb. Newsprint.
- Minimum ½ web at 30,000 copies per hour.
- Gear driven steel, or urethane, nipping roller assembly is adjustable for web widths of 20” to 36” in increments of ½”.
- Quarter folder assembly is a pecking style folding blade, driven from an inertia compensating fly wheel. Two sets of delivery tapes transfer the product to the folding blade. A brush roller drives the product onto the quarter fold table, and into the adjustable head stop. Folding rollers are machined with an anti-dog ear relief, and balanced.
- Copy spacing is adjustable through a variable speed, press tracking delivery system, with 0” to 6” shingle.
- Sliding spiral bevel gear set to engage / disengage folder from press drive.
- Drive gears are all oil lubricated.
- Press control panel with main drive push-button controls and signal lights.
- Digital display good / cumulative copy counter.
- Speed indicating tachometer calibrated in products per hour.
- Conforming interlocked safety guards.

- (2) Fincor, 150 horsepower, Digital drives with blower motors & filters
- (1) Press console.
- (3) Mechanical clutches with electrical swithches.


- (7) Full page motorized linear compensators.
- (4) Quad Tech motorization of registers for 4 high’s
- (1) Quad Tech RMS2000 touch screen control panel
- (2) Baldwin, Model 640 circulators with “one way” water reservoir’s for 16 units.
- (1) Baldwin Model 272 Automix. System with wall bracket.
- (1) Fuji 2.5 HP low pressure air blower for former boards.
- (7) Jardis Industries model FS5036-11 50” diameter splicers with remote sidelay and tension control (2 tandem pairs and 3 single).
- (7) Jardis Industries right angle bars (2 tandem pairs and 3 single).
- (1) Nela/Ternes 2 sided manual plate bender model HAO 1000S CLA, and electronic manual plate punch.

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