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5486 - 2003 MAN Roland 710-SW Mabeg RS 104 Roll Sheeter


Model: 710-SW Mabeg RS 104, Series 744

Year: 2003/2004

SKU: 5486

29" x 41" (740mm x 1040mm) 10 Color Format w/ Convertible Perfector 5/5 or 10/1

Impressions: c. 188 Million
Max Sheet Size: 29 1/8" x 40 15/16" (740mm x 1040mm)
Min Sheet Size: 13 3/8" x 18 13/16" (340mm x 480mm)
Max Sheet Thickness: Straight: .024" ( .6 mm) Perfecting: .016" ( .4 mm)
Max Press Speed: Straight: 15,000 sph Perfecting: 12,000 sph

RCI Off-Press Control Console with Overhead Light
Roland Deltamatic Dampening With Delta Effect
CCI: (Computer Controlled Inker) Spectrodensitometer (Closed Loop)
Prepresslink: Software for Connection to Pre-Press
PECOM Servernet: Manroland Management System with Software And
CPU For Press Management Functions and Files Storage
CCC: Color Contamination Check
Print Consult
Job Pilot
RSD: Remote System Diagnostic
OPTIPRINT Impression Jackets - Units 6 - 10
Skeletal Transfer Cylinders with Transferter Cocking
Axial Adjustments of All Form Rollers
WCV: Water Cooled Vibrators
GRAFIX Cantronic Powder Sprayer
AIRGLIDE Delivery Prepared For UV
TECHNOTRANS Beta C RC Combi for Ink Temperature Control and Dampening
KERSTEN Anti-Static at Feeder
Vacuum Feed Board + Vacuum Side-Guide
Non Stop Feeder and Delivery
Recessed Steel Plate at Feeder & Delivery
All Cylinders Chromed
MABEG RS 104 Digital In-Line Roll Sheeter (Variable Cut-Off)
Schultz Web Humidifier
Press Wired For 400 VAC @ 330 Amps

PECOM Monitoring & Automatic Make Ready Inclusive Of:
- PPL – Semi Automatic Plate Changers
- Sheet Size & Thickness Incl Side-Guide
- Feeder & Delivery Pre-Set
- Sheet Stops
- Feeder Head Preset
- Feeder Side Blower Preset
- Monitoring of Entire Electronic System
- Automatic Ink Roller Separation on Press Stoppage
- Oscillating Timing Remote Control
- Automatic Blanket Washers with 10 Programmed Cycles
- Automatic Ink Roller Cleaners with 10 Programmed Cycles

Typical Applications:
Commercial Sheetfed Printing Applications

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