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5544 - 2004 Man Roland R 705-3B+LV


Model: R 705-3B+LV

Year: 2004

SKU: 5544

29" x 41" (740mm x 1040mm) (5) Color Format

• Impressions: c. 63 Million
• RCI Control Center Ink, Circumferential and Diagonal Register Remote Control
• CCI (Computer Controlled Inking)
• Rolandmatic with Delta Effect
• Sapc Autoplate
• Preset (Automatic Size Device)
• Steel Plate on Feeder
• Mabeg Feeder with Suction Tape on Feeder
• Pneumatic Sidelay
• Electronic Double Sheet Control
• Tecnotrans Cabin Cooling and Circulation with Automix Device
• Double Diameter Impression Cylinder
• Transferter Air Trasfert System
• Roller Wash up Device Controlled by RCI
• Automatic Blanket Washer from RCI
• Technotrans Ink Temperature Control
• Impression Cylinder Washing Device by RCI
• Varnishing Unit with Chambered Doctor Blade System
• IR/TI Hot Air Dryer Seccomatic
• Air Glide Extended Delivery
• Weko Powder Spray
• Becker Variair Compressors and Blowers
• Steel Plate in Delivery


Typical Applications:
Commercial Sheetfed Printing Applications

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