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5588 - 2011 Heidelberg CD 102-8+LYYLX w/ UV


Model: CD 102-8+LYYLX w/ UV

Year: 2011

SKU: 5588

28" x 40" (720mm x 1020mm) (8) Color Format w/ Tower Coater Unit, Drying Unit, Drying Unit, Tower Coater Unit, Extended Delivery, IR and UV

• 2011 Heidelberg CD 102-8+LYYLX w/ UV
• 28" x 40" (720mm x 1020mm)
• (8) Color Format
• Tower Coater Unit, Drying Unit, Drying Unit, Tower Coater Unit, Extended Delivery, IR and UV
• Impressions: c. 55 Million

• Coating System
• Printect Press Center Console
• IR and Hot Air after 1st L-Unit
• IR and HA in 1st Y-Unit
• IR and HA after 1st Y-Unit
• HA in 2nd Y-Unit
• Ambient Air and Air Extraction after 2nd Y-Unit
• Prinect Image Control
• Connection Set 54.7 yd (50 m) Coupling Image Control with PressCenter
• InstantStart UV License (in combination with the exclusive us of A3 solvents)
• Prinect Integration Manager v4.5
• Prinect Pressroom Manager Format 105 Migration from Prinect Prepress Interface
• Feeder
• Additional Sheet Travel Elements for Stream Control One Set (4 pieces)
• Plastic Kit with Special Antistatic System
• Sheet Control Monitors
• Stream Separation
• Suction Brush Dust Cleaner
• Printing Units
• Raised Catwalks for UV Interlock
• Basic Preparation for UV Including UV Resistant Hoses
• Wash-up Systems (per Unit)
• Inking Rollers for Conventional & UV Inks (surcharge)
• UV Resistant Dampening Form Roller (surcharge per printing unit)
• UV Resistant Dampening Pan Rollers
• Automatic Impression Cylinder Wash-up Device (per unit)
• Inkline 3000 – Automatic Cartridge Ink Supply System CAN Controlled via PressCenter
• Coating Units
• HD Chamber Doctor Blade System with Diagonal Register
• Lifting Device
• HD Chamber Doctor Blade System for second Coating Unit
• UV Pump Surcharge for L550UV
• Additional Pump L550 with Hoses (Second Circulation)
• Additional Anilox Rollers
• Preset Plus Delivery
• X3 Extensions for Plus Delivery (required for UV EOP)
• UV-Preparation Package for the Plus Delivery Including Resistant Gripper Bars
• Hoses and Cables
• UV-Light Protection fully UV prepared press
• Six IST UV Interdeck Curing lamps
• IST UV End of Press Curing System (3 single lamp modules in the extended delivery of the press.
• Coolable Sheet Guide Plates
• SmartGuard
• DryStar 3000 Combinations for ext Plus Delivery (with 3 cassettes, water-cooled)
• 50 cm Elevation Kit
• 5 m Extended Cable Length to the Electronic Control Cabinet (required for elevation kit)
• Beta.F Dampening Solution Filtering Cabinet with Two Filters for CombiStar
• Water Cooled CombiStar with Integrated Pump and Lamps
• Water Cooled AirStar Central Fluid Cooler DC 285/35N (outside Installation)
• Pump Station Beta PS 2-18/80 and Installation & Commissioning for DryStar
• AirStar & Beta T-PW

Typical Applications:
Commercial Sheetfed Printing Applications

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