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5589 - 2005 Heidelbeg Speedmaster 102-8 P


Model: Speedmaster 102-8 P

Year: 2005

SKU: 5589

28" x 40" (720mm x 1020mm) (8) Color Format w/ Perfector: 4/4 and 8/0

• 2005 Heidelbeg Speedmaster 102-8 P
• 28" x 40" (720mm x 1020mm)
• (8) Color Format
• Perfecting 4/4 and 8/0
• Impressions: c. 300 Million

• Semi-Automatic Perfecting Device 8/0; 4/4
• CP 2000 Touch Screen Console
• Inkline System for Automatic Ink Distributor
• Autoplate: Semiautomatic Plate Change
• Tandem System: Impression Cylinder Automatic Washing Device by CP2000
• Preset Plus Feeder: Suction Belt Feeder With 3 Sections Of Transport Of Sheets to the Frontal Registers
• New Design with Added 3 Suctions for Transport of Paper
• Front Sensor on Flap of the Feeder
• Double Sheet Electronic Sensor Control
• Electromechanic Pull Lay Control to Adjust all the Wheels Feeder
• Ultrasonic Sensor Double-Sheet Control
• Pneumatic Side Register Control with Integrated Auto Cleaning and Double Sheet Control with Direct System
• Slow Down: System to Slow the Sheet Down then 65% on Feeder
• N.Ro 2 Eltex Ion Blowers on Feeder
• Alcolor Vario System Damping
• Combistar Can: Tecnotrans Ink Temp Control Combined with Damping Refrigeration + Alcosmart
• Roller Wash up Device Controlled by CP2000
• Tandem System: Impression Cylinder Automatic Washing Device
• Washstar: Automatic Cleaning of Catch Pans
• Automatic Blanket Washer from CP Tronic
• Inking Unit with Remote Distributor-Roller Adjustment
• Preset Plus Delivery: A Lot Of Preset Functions And Memorization, New System of Aereodinamic Grippers in Delivery, New System of Slow Down By CP2000, New Panel In Delivery
• Grafix Exactronic Duo plus Powder Spray
• Cleanstar Compact: Powder Exhauster in Delivery
• Intercom System: Microphone Communication
• Airstar: Central Air Box Water Cooled
• Scrollstar: Atlas Copco Compressor

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