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5607 - 2006 Man Roland 905-7B+LV

Serial: B32070

Model: 905-7B+LV

Year: 2006

SKU: 5607

48" x 64" (1220mm x 1620mm) (5) Color Format w/ Dedicated Inline Varnish Unit

Impressions: c. 120 Million

Max Paper Size: 1220mm x 1620mm
Min Paper Size: 600mm x 920mm
Thickness: 0,1 - 0,6mm (Performance Package Cardboard 0.1mm - 1,2mm)
Print Area: 1190mm x 1620mm
Plate Size: 1325mm x 1630mm, Thickness: 0,30mm
Blanket Size: 1660mm x 1329mm Thickness: 1,90mm

• Steel Plate Feeder and Delivery
• Non Stop in Feeder
• Stream Feeder
• Double Sheet Detection - Electric
• Electronic Side Lays Control
• Automatic Format Adjustment
• Automatic Substrate Thickness Adjustment
• Parallel and Diagonal Adjustment of the Frontally Bar From the Control Console
• Motorized Adjustment of Sheet Arrival Timing and Diagonal Sheet Correction on the Run
• Automatic Inking Unit Separation
• Dualflow Inking Unit
• APL Fully Automatic Plate Changing
• Remote Control Circumferential, Lateral and Diagonal Register
• RCI Ink Control Device with Linear Ink Slides and Cassette,
• ColorPilot D+F Color Control System
• LCS (Low Coverage Stabilization)
• Confort Packet Console
• Press Upgrade Manager Perfect 10
• License Press Manager Server, JDF Input, Job Pilot, Prepress Link
• Machine Set up for UV Dryer Is Interdeck
• Multi CCI 2D
• Remote Adjustment of the Oscillation
• AirGlide
• Rolandmatic damping with cooling and metering unit Technotrans Beta C
• Ink Temperature Control
• Blanket Cylinders Wash Devices Managed from Console
• Impression Cylinders Wash Devices Managed from Console
• Ink-Roller Wash Devices Managed from Console
• Chromed Plate Cylinders
• Coating Module with Seccomatic II LV 5 Segments and Extension of 357cm +
• Anilox Roller and Chambered Doctor Blade
• Quickchange Surface
• Non Stop in Delivery (Rollomatic)
• AUPASYS Materials Logistics System for Feeder and Delivery
• Powder Sprayer Grafix Cantronic 1.5
• Sheet Decurler
• Machine Raised 667mm
• Complete with all Standard Parts and Accessories

Typical Applications:
Sheetfed printing Applications

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