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5648 - 2008 KBA Rapida 142-6+LX-Hybrid


Model: RA142-6+LX-Hybrid

Year: 2008

SKU: 5648

40" x 56" (1020mm x 1420mm) (5) Color Format w/ Coater

- 2008 KBA Rapida 142-6+LX-Hybrid
- 40" x 56" (1020mm x 1420mm)
- (6) Color Format w/ Coater
- Impressions: c. 29 Million

- Max Speed: 13,000 sh/hr
- Paper Range: 60gr to 0,9mm
- Colortronic with Touch Screen
- Fully Automatic Plate Change
- Varnishing Unit with Tresu Doctor Blade with Feeding and Cleaning System for UV and Conventional Varnish
- Kerstern Antistatic System
- High Power on Infeed and Delivery
- Non Stop on Infeed and Roll Descending on Delivery
- Technotrans Combi Cooling Device for Ink and Damping Controlled by Colortronic
- Blanket Rollers and Printing Cylinders Washing Device with Winding Stands
- Presets
- Weko AP 262 Powder Spray Controlled by Colortronic
- Bending and Punching Plate Machines Ultrasonic and Optical Capacitive Double Sheet Detectors
- Sheet Control in Every Unit Becker Air Cabinet, IR Hot Air and UV Dryer on Delivery 2 Interdeck UV plus Place Prepared Every Units
- Hybrid Package with Double Varnish Feeding System
- Electrical Cabinet Cooled
- Densitronic S
- ACR Auto Register
- ACS Air Cleaning System

Typical Applications:
Sheetfed Printing Applications

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