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5789- SMC V 2000 – Semi-Automatic Horizontal Stacker/Bundler



Year: Refurbished

SKU: 5789


-V-23 Entrance Conveyor

-Adjustable Crusher Rollers

-Adjustable Signature Jogger

-Arc Roller, Timing Belt Delivery

-Signature Flag Bundle Shuttle and Table Rollers

-Automatic Strapping Head

-PLC Controller

-Tach Following

-Caster Mountea

-Adaptable to different delivery heights Crisp flat spine and head folds

-Precise side to side orientation for neater bundles

-Prevents skewing fold-rolling and fold-cracking

-Acts as a third hand to control the building stack

-Stacks are easily rolled and transfered into compression zone Fast application of banding material around bundle

-Accurate control of machine func-tions

-Eliminates press speed follow ing problems

-Easily moved from delivery to delivery

Typical Applications:

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