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5812 - 1999 Mitsubishi L BTI S Roto Offset Press


Model: L BTI S

Year: 1999

SKU: 5812

600mm Cutoff x 1200mm Web Width

1999 Mitsubishi L BTI S Roto Offset Press
Print speed of commercial standard products 48 pages: 30,000 c/hr
Left Hand TYPE: L - BTI - S
Double development around 1200 mm (Cutoff 600 mm)
Max. reel: 1447.5 mm

- Automatic splicer MEG-TEC DLC 1500
- Semi-automatic load reels system - ROLLOAD - MITTLER Toledo
- Control System and centering bandwidth BST x Mitsubishi
- Printing units b / v, rubber-blanket
- Oven with forced hot air MEG TEC mod., PHAZER II - TM King. 5-119 length 12 meters width x bank card 1.5 meters
- Cooling calenders 5 cylinders - MEG TEC x Mitsubishi
- Multiple combinations bender, Mitsubishi pin-less type for producing signatures for tabloids. Magazine, dp.
- Soundproof box for 48 pages in soundproofed panels complete of doors and window frames.
Management Console.
- Automation and auxiliary installed on the machine
- Control system Grafikontrol CR - 10 type for color register, CR -8 for bending register (up to 6 controllable strips)
- Color and density control register Grafikontrol mod. Densiwewb, installed in 2003
- Automatic blanket washing system with OXY - DRY Brush
- Control and cooling dampening water System TECHNOTRANS
- Cooling water control SULZER
- Band voltage regulation BST
- PLANATOL units for glue and humidification folk coast
- Electrical and relative power and control cabinets motorization (electric motors power 350 Kw)
- Command and control pulpits
- Semi -automatic benders
- For environmental safety exhaust fumes collected leaving the kiln they are conveyed in the thermal treatment units type SIRI ( 15,000 Nm3 ) positioned outside the building
- Output system: picking line and palletizing Rotary Mitsubishi
- Conveyors multiple ground, linear and curved with interchanges - CIVIEMME // 1999
- Collected signatures pressed to cue and strapped with Stacker CIVIEMME Mod . ST100 Combined with palletizer mod. PL86 / 100 // 1999
- Collecting signatures and bribes compensated and strapped with compensating stackers RIMA - Mod. RS 3110 SL 13 "" // 1999
- In-line strapping units Moscow 01 type and 01 type Ferag
- Double line superimposed cutting and trimming Gämmerler // 1999"
- Post-combustor of the MITSUBISHI rotary, thermal regenerative type, model “CTR” SIRI – 1998 year
- Centrifugal fan with reverse blades, capacity 15.000 Nmc/h, operative temperature 120°C, coupled with an asynchronous engine 55 kW, powered by the inverter
- Vertical type of reactors made from steel, complete of thermal mass, made of ceramic material (3 units)
- Combustion chamber, connected with the superior part of the three reactors
- Gas burner, complete of the flames control and combustion air fan, potential 350.000 kcal/h
- Enter valves, exit and smoke purges from the reactors (3 units)
- Start-up and dilution valve
- Pipes and cables, in sheet metal, steel, until the oven board of the Mitsubishi rotary
- The height of the fume exhaust duct is about 7 m
- Electronic power panel, regulation/control plant

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