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5814 - 2002 Heidelberg Sunday® M4000 (4) Unit Press


Model: Sunday® M4000

Year: 2002

SKU: 5814

24.4" Cutoff x 57" Web Width (620mm x 1450mm) Double Circumfrence 1240mm

2002 Heidelberg Sunday® M4000 (4) Unit Press
48 pg Commercial
Double development: around 1240 mm (cut-off: 620 mm)
Max. reel: 1,450 mm
Commercial standard products print speed 48 pages: 70,000 c/hr - 32,500 for each output in straight production

- Automatic film unwinding Stork Contiweb for Heidelberg with semi-automatic system for loading coils
- Contiweb included in web tension control unit
- Printing units b / v, rubber-blanket (special rubber, cylinder, without seam attack ) - 4 UNITS
- Oven with forced hot air Contiweb for Heidelberg Mod. Eco Cool 130-1460
- Length 13 meters for bandwidth paper max. 1:46 meters - 2002
- Integrated control system and depuration of smoke stack emissions, guaranteed under 10 g /Nm3
- Calenders group Contiweb integrated cooling
- Multiple combinations bend Heidelberg Mod. CCP -2 for producing signatures kind rabloid magazine. DP, album
- Soundproof box for 48 pages in soundproofed panels complete of doors and window frames
- Management Console
- Automation and auxiliary installed on the machine
- Control system Grafikontrol CR - 20 type for color register, CR - 8 type for registry fold
- Control and color density register Grafikontrol mod. Densiweb // 2003
- Rubber to cloth washing system, automatic BALDWIN
- Control and TECHNOTRANS cooling dampening water system with cleaning and filtering system type DELTA - C
- Control and distribution of cooling water Heidelberg
- PANATOL OPIMATIC units for glue and humidification folk coast Mod . Combi - Jet
- Electric motor drive and relative power cabinets and control Command and control pulpits.
- Automatic Heidelberg bender Mod . MP - CC - 2
- Output system: picking line and palletizing Rotary Sunday® 48 pages
- Multiple ground conveyors, linear and curved with interchanges lines- CIVIEMME // 2002
- Cutting and trimming line sides 3-4 Gämmerler Mod. RS 134 // 2002
- Collection of signatures in bundles strapped and netted with 01 Stacker
- Gämmerler Mod . KL 550 compensator with integrated strapping system
- Possibility of signatures collected in pressed cue and strapping with the use of 02 -stacker CIVIEMME Mod. ST280 combined with - 01 automatic palletizer, central, Mod. PL86 DUAL // 2002 with automatic pallet load

Typical Applications:
Commercial Web Offset Printing Applications

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