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5833 - M600 Flying Imprinter Printing Unit



Year: 1994

SKU: 5833

22.75” Cutoff x 38” Width (578mm x 965mm)

Flying Imprinter M600 press systems can be complemented by a modular industrial tool: the flying imprinter. The imprinter is designed so that personalization work or different versions of the same product can be executed without stopping press production!!!.

This special unit has an additional blanket cylinder which acts as a counter-pressure
cylinder. A make ready motor and an electromagnetic clutch assembly allow print changes at production speed.

The change sequence of the plate/blanket cylinder is executed automatically when the programmed number of copies is reached. Goss® blanket-to-blanket technology allows printing of two colors on the under side of the web, or one color on each side of the web. This module can therefore be used as an additional printing unit.

600 Flying Imprinter Printing Unit
Cutoff: 22.75” (578mm)
Width: 38” (965mm)
Year: 1994

Typical Applications:
For printers that do version changes this will pay for itself in make-ready savings and paper waste in just one year!

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