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5984 - 2007 Heidelberg CD 102-5+LX


Model: CD 102-5+LX

Year: 2007

SKU: 5984

28" x 40" (720mm x 1020mm) (5) Color Format w/ Extended Delivery

- 2007 Heidelberg CD 102-5+LX
- Sheet Size: 28" x 40" (720mm x 1020mm)
- Configuration: (5) Color w/ Extended Delivery
- Impressions: 165 Million
- Speed 15,000 sh/hr

- CP 2000 touch screen console
- CP 2000 MasterLever software license
- CP 2000 Instant Gate software license
- Preset Plus on feeder
- New design with added (3) suctions for transport of paper
- Suction belt feeder with (3) sections of transport of sheets to the frontal registers
- Ultrasonic sensor double-sheet control
- Front sensor on flap of the feeder
- (2) Eltex ion blowers on feeder
- Eltex Antistatic on feeder/delivery
- Multiple-sheet detector tear-off
- Ultrasonic double-sheet control
- Double-sheet detector - pulling device
- Double sheet electronic sensor control
- Electromechanic pull lay control to adjust all the wheels feeder
- Electronic side lays control
- Pneumatic side register control with integrated auto cleaning and double sheet control with direct system
- Slow down system to slow the sheet down then 65% on feeder
- Alcolor Vario damping
- Combistar HydroStar Can: Technotrans beta.c200L ink temp control combined with damping refrigeration + Alcosmart
- VenturiAir transfer system
- Roller wash up device controlled by CP2000
- Modular blanket cylinder washing device by CP2000
- Washstar: automatic cleaning of catch pans
- Modular impression cylinder washing device by CP2000
- Preset Plus delivery: several preset functions and memorization, new system of aerodynamic grippers in delivery, new system of slow down by CP2000, new panel in delivery
- Varnishing unit 550L/H, with cooking register, with 10 cm³ x m² cells chambered doctor blade system
- Drystar 3000
- X1 extended delivery
- Weko AP 262 High-End
- Intercom system: Microphone communication
- Airstar: central air box air cooled
- Scrollstar: Atlas Copco compressor

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