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6007 - 1998 Mitsubishi Diamond-8 (6) Unit (1) Web Press


Model: Diamond-8

Year: 1998

SKU: 6007

23" Cutoff x 20" Width


1998 Mitsubishi Diamond-8 (6) Unit (1) Web Press

Max. Roll Width: 20”

Sheet Cutoff: 23”

Max. Stock Caliper: .010(10pt) in sheeter

Min. Stock Caliper: .002


Enkel Roll Stand

(6) Mitsubishi Diamond 8 Print Units W/ Perfecting

WPC Web Guides and Register System

Thermo Wisconsin Dryer

WPM Perf Unit

Combination Folder W/4 Page Folding

Vits Sheeter

WPM Remoist Unit

Pattern Perforator

Pattern Gluer

Spine Gluer

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