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6048 - 1989 Mitsubishi L750 (6) Unit (1) Web Offset Press


Model: L750

Year: 1989

SKU: 6048

22.75" (578mm) Cutoff x 36" (915mm) Width

(1) Stork Contiweb Splicer with a maximum diameter of 50”.

(1) Stork Contiweb infeed with WPC web guide

(6) Mitsubishi L-750 printing units, equipped with:
• Mitsubishi remote ink control system
• Mitsubishi ink leveling
• Web Detectors
• Refrigerated water recirculator
• Baldwin Blanket washers

(1) Drive arrangement

(1) Scheffer Remoist Gluer

(1) Web severer, positioned in front of the dryer

(1) TEC Phazer dryer appox of 30 feet in length

(1) Mitsubishi chill roll stand

(1) Silicone applicator

(1) WPC Web Guide

(1) WPC CCR Automatic Register system

(1) Scheffer Pattern Perforator

(2) Mitsubishi color control consoles

(1) Press Control Console

(1) Scheffer Ribbon Deck

(1) Mitsubishi Twin Chopper Combination Folder with Tabloid Chopper and Double Parallel

(1) Oxy Dry sheerer

(1) WPC Cutoff control system

Rated Speed: 1,450 FPM

Typical Applications:

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