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6156 - 2007 Komori LS640+LX


Model: LS640+LX

Year: 2007

SKU: 6156

28" x 40" (720mm x 1040mm) (6) Color Format w/ Extended Delivery

Chrome Plated Blanket Cylinder
Chrome Plated Impression Cylinder
Chrome Plated Plate Cylinder
Complete Paper Size Preset
Semi-Automatic Plate Changer
Komori Automatic Blanket Washer
Komori Automatic Ink Roller Washer
Komorimatic Dampeners
PDC-S with color connection package
Royse (Tresu) central circulator
Royse (Tresu) single zone chiller
Pierry Sheeted Drying Systems IR Dryer
Weko sprayer
Extended Delivery and Enclosed Chambered Doctor Blade System
Harris & Bruno extra chamber & workstation
Accel Sentinel ink cartridge system

Dampening System:
Form Roller Speed Reduction (Delta Effect)
Oscillation Dampener Bridge Rider Roller
Skewing Device on Komorimatic
Water Level Sensor

Delivery Section:
Automatic Lubrication of Delivery Chain Guide
Auxiliary Delivery Pile
Delivery Vacuum Wheel with Sub-Suction
Descending Pile Controller (Optical Sensor)
Fully Guarded Dampener On/Off Buttons at Delivery Panel
Fully Guarded Ink Ductor On/Off Switch at PQC
Heatproof Delivery
Preset Counter
Sheet Decurler

Inking System:
Ink Ductor Timing at PQC
Inker Phasing
Motorized Ink Doctor Roller
Quick Touch Oscillating Ink Form Roller
Spring Loaded Inker Adjustment

Komori Stream Feeder:
Advanced Cylinder Cocking Adjustable Handle
Advanced Cylinder Cocking Remote Control
Anti-Static Bars (Feeder & Delivery)
Cardboard Attachments (max 0.8)
Emergency Trip/Feeder Control Panel
Feeder Board Anti-Sheet Deviator
Feeder Board Brush and Roller Preset
Feeder Brush/Roller Adjustment
Feeder Pile Sideways Control (for Pitless Skid Loader)
Ionizing Blower / Anti-Static Air Blast
Non-Stop Feeder
Self-Standing Wall Loader
Sucker Height Remote Control
Ultrasonic Double Sheet Detector (Nireco)
Printing and Transfer Units:
Air Blower over Impression Cylinder
Air Skeleton Transfers
Gripper Pad Up/Down
One Touch Blanket Clamp for Aluminum Barred Blanket
Paper Thickness Preset
Plate Cylinder Cocking Remote Control
Plate Register Remote Control

2007 Komori LS640+LX
28" x 40" (720mm x 1040mm)
Impressions: c. 20 million

Typical Applications:
Sheetfed Printing Applications

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