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6161 - 1997 Heidelberg Harris M1000B (9) Unit (2) Web Press


Model: M1000B

Year: 1997

SKU: 6161

21.75" Cutoff x 35" Web Width


Heidelberg-Harris Equipment:

Nine (9) M-1000B commercial heatset printing units
T-23U press driven infeed for two webs
Heatset connecting parts
HHI Duotrol dampening system
#3 form to oscillating & #1 form to hickey picker in roller sets
Ink fountain reversing
PLC main operator console
Auxiliary console for dryer controls, etc
Tele-Color II remote inking system with two consoles
500 HP Mode 3 main press drive
HR-6 chill roll system for two (2) webs w/ test mode logic
Chill frame spacing for two (2) web application
2,200 FPM sheaves
Mode 3A drive clutch
Chill roll clutch for two webs
Additional unit lead rolls
Add spiral to extra lead-in rolls
Software PSC tension readout
Analog read out Dover Flexo (infeed/chill) in aux. console shell
Water pan sensors with de-accel feature
Tension transducer readout for IF/CR
Double wall water pans (18)
Europe plate lock-up guarding (Nashville)
Densicontrol RIM for Tele-Color
J&H quick plate lock up
Remote drive control stations

PFF-2 Folder:

PFF-2 pinless folder, slltler/angle bar, consolette
W.S. & G.S. switch for Tee steering in PFF2 console
Shear-type edge trim for two (2) webs
Circumferential perf (non-timed workbook)
Friction driven slitters for angle bar & edge trim vs. Koegel
RTF perforator
0-1 OV speed reference at PFF-2

Auxiliary Equipment:

(2) MEG DPL splicers
Read out at MPC for MEG brake tension set point
WPC Model 9438 web guide (unframed/framed) for 2 webs
Web guide console shell
WPC spiral rollers on web guides
(4) full feature remote stations - WPC
(9) Support Products ink levelers (per unit)

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