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American Packaging Dryer Explosion, G.I. Gets Them Going

G.I. Weekly

July, 2013

Details of the Restoration:

· Rebuilt 5 fire damaged print units


· Removed destroyed gas dryer and secondary equipment


· Rebuilt dryer on 1 print unit


· Retrofit steam heat exchangers with hot oil heat exchangers


· Removed & Replaced viscosity control system


· Rebuilt turn bay to completion


· Rewired entire press


· Upgraded all obsolete controls


· Upgraded load cells


· Replaced necessary

pneumatic controls throughout press


· Re-plumb pneumatic on 4 press units


· Installed new anti-static systems & electro-static assist systems


· Remanufactured gravure cylinder carts

"American Packaging dryer explodes, Graphic Innovators gets them up and running again"


The Original Equipment Manufacturers’ (OEM) quoted the cost for parts to repair would be $2.3 million with a six month project repair time. Graphic Innovators repaired both the press and press room less than the OEM quote for press parts and was able to complete the restoration in 3 ½ months. This allowed American Packaging’s press to be operational once again. G.I. was able to remove all fire debris as well as being able to clean and paint the entire press and ceiling—these were the beginning steps to getting American Packaging back on their feet.


The Press Room and Press Completed Restoration:



Before and After:


Example of press unit damage.


Before and After:


Press Side View Damage