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KBA Printing Press and Printing Equipments

The most valuable piece of advice we could ever give to or receive from our customers is to do your research on printing equipment. It is key that what you purchase for your printing needs does exactly what you need it to do. For example, we found the KBA printing press and sheet-fed machines by doing ample research. In doing so, we were able to find, stock, and provide KBA’s stellar products to our consumers.

The Customer Benefits of KBA Printing Equipment

When you purchase a KBA printing press or sheet-fed from us - or from any vendor that stocks this efficient product - you will note the product itself is excellently designed for the job it has to do. For example, the KBA Planeta Varimat V142 we sell at Graphic Innovators is built specifically with a color format feature that includes a stub unit and a coater. This sheet-fed was created with the customer in mind.

Through research again, we were able to find yet another KBA product that benefits the customer first. The KBA Rapida 105 ZF-SW4 offers a color format feature with a perfecting 4/4 option. Although this is a specific detail about the KBA product itself you may not need to know, we think you get the point; what we offer from the KBA printing press line are products we’ve thoroughly researched and feel confident in backing.

KBA and Graphic Innovators Are the Perfect Pair

We think our selection of KBA printing press equipment and sheet-feds has worked out tremendously. We are able to offer you the customer top-quality KBA products on the market while staying informed on changes in the KBA manufacturing world.

For quality KBA printing equipment or just to ask a question, contact us at Graphic Innovators! We’re your printing press resource: (847) 718-1516.