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Recent Projects
Recent Projects
M600 5 Unit Press sale with removal and Installation
Graphic Innovators provided the following M600 press to our customer inclding the machine sale, removal, shipment nad installtion form Prague to Coloardao 

Fully Rebuilt Goss® C550 Commercial Web Press
We recently sold  a remanufactured C550i retail press. They chose this option over NEW for two reasons. 1st. "OEM has limited support"and 2nd savings in cost vs. new. New controls, drives, PLC, IO, software which is all off the shelf readily available parts and service, support, remote access! The customer can fix their own press. With OEM new controls are not easily maintainable and the customer is at the mercy of the OEM.

Vits Rotocut Sheeter Sale
Graphic Innovators provided a Vits Rotocut Sheeter to Valassis of Livonia, Michigan. Valassis needed this sheeter as a replacement piece installed on their Harris M600 press. Because of Graphic Innovators diverse range of press equipment options, were awarded the sale of the Vits Rotocut Sheeter.

3A Composites, Statesville NC, Saturator Line Restoration

DGM press sale
(2007/2009) DGM Manugraph 440 (20) 4-Hi Tower press 22" (560mm) Serial: xxxxx Model: DGM 440 Year: 2007 / 2009 SKU: 4444

Balloon Former Section (Upper Former)
Balloon Former Section (Upper Former)Install on C700 Folder

C500 Folder Projects
C500 Folder Parts Offering, Service, Enhancements, Rebuild, Swap-out, Training.

Complete Press Restoration
At a nearby company, an explosion and fire left their machine down for the count. Lighthouse teamed up with Graphic Innovators to "return to pre-loss condition" their 1994 converting press. 

Complete Plant relocation
Multiple press moves including Two Sunday® 2000 Web presses, M1000B web press and Two XL105 Sheetfed presses

Goss® Magnum® 21" cutoff x 35" Width
Press Sale, Removal and installation

2006 Goss® Sunday® 4000 45.5" cutoff x 38" Width
 Press sale, removal and installation

Heidelberg M1000BE 22.75" cutoff x 38" Width
Press Sale, removal and Installation

Sunday® 2000 8 Unit Press 22.25" Cutoff x 38" Width
Press sale

2005 Heidelberg M600 6 Unit Single web 16 Page Press
Press sale, removal and installation

Goss® C700 Rebuild with Enhancements

Goss® C500 Rebuild with (2) Magnum Folders

KBA Compacta C 618 Press Sale!

Harris M1000B 10 Unit web press w/ JF50 Combination Folder

Remanufactured & Upgraded M1000B 5 Unit web press

M600 Sale, Removal and Installation

Harris M1000B 8 Unit 2 Web Remanufactured Press Project

Remanufactured M1000B Press (6) Unit Single Web Heat-set Press with Inline Finishing System

Remanufactured M110B with Inline finishing

Remanufactured Hantscho 6/7 Press with Inline Finishing

2004 MAN Lithoman 42” x 66” Insert press