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3A Composites, Statesville NC, Saturator Line Restoration

Equipment Specifications: Saturator Production Line Information
• Machine layout as follows
• Unwind (Unwinds web of foam board product through machine)
• Coater (saturates foam board on both sides
• 4 Steam Drum Curing Stations*
• Slit and sheet 90” Wide foam board into sections.
• Curing Station machines utilize, gas fired hot air heat is used in a steam boiler process to create the heat to cure the foam board for finishing.
• Product produced is 90-100” wide foam board coated on both sides.

Key factors:
• Insured’s initial main concern is outsourcing production.
• Limited production was able to be outsourced.
• BI of 1.6M per month was being incurred.
• No solutions with the exception of purchasing new could be found. New machinery could take as long as 18 months to deliver.
• No other like kind or quality machines were on the market

Lighthouse Consulting Services arrives on the scene:
• Lighthouse thoroughly inspected the equipment over a week long period.
• Lighthouse determined that it was not feasible or safe to repair the existing damaged curing stations.
• Lighthouse provided a credible plan for restoration utilizing a different method of curing the product in the form of a Used Hot Air Floatation Drying System.

The insured was thrilled to have a credible plan for restoration so that they could get back into production. The carrier was also extremely pleased with the plan. The insured wanted to work with a company who could carry out the planned restoration. Lighthouse recommend their sister company Graphic Innovators who specializes in machinery and equipment restoration.
Graphic Innovators arrives on the scene
• Graphic Innovators (GI) sources the used equipment and engineers the production line to utilize the Air Floatation Drying System.
• GI performed all Mechanical and Electrical work to reconfigure and rewire the production line.
• GI provided controls upgrade with custom software
• GI provided shaft less drive for sheeter
• GI provided the Controls mezzanine for placement of electrical drives and controls

How Lighthouse Saved the Carrier Millions:
• Lighthouse Minimized the Business Interruption on a one of a kind production machine
• Completed in 6 months time
• The restoration versus the replacement saved the carrier and estimated 12 Million Dollars in BI and avoidance of having to replace with new equipment
• Managed the project so that the communication was streamlined between the insured and the third party adjusting firm
• Sourced all the necessary new/used parts and equipment necessary to complete the restoration
• This enabled the carrier to be restored to the pre-loss condition!

Summary of The Restoration:
• Consult and Confirmed a credible restoration
• Gained confidence of the insured as well as the Carrier and the third party adjusting firm
• Source all necessary new parts, used parts, and replacement equipment to complete the restoration
• Project managed all aspects of the job communication with both the insured and the third party adjusting firm