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Balloon Former Section (Upper Former)
Balloon Former Section (Upper Former)Install on C700 Folder

Balloon Former Section (Upper Former)
Install on C700 Folder

Balloon Former Section added to the top of the existing C700 Folder.

Summary of the project:
• Manufacture assembly at GI.
• GI provided one former section framed with RTF.
• RTF contains Pneumatic Trolley Nips with on off switch provided.
• The Former Section will be capable of handling a web width of up to 38".
• The former section will contain one driven RTF roller.
• The RTF roller diameter will contain a gain to match the existing RTF.
• A framed section and structure will be manufactured to properly support the Balloon Former section.
• Decking will be provided with access ladder and railing.
• Idler rollers into and out of the Section will be provided.
• The Former section will be motorized to provide for "deserting". Total travel to be 2.5".
• install and complete start up.