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Our Recent Projects

Complete Press Restoration
At a nearby company, an explosion and fire left their machine down for the count. Lighthouse teamed up with Graphic Innovators to "return to pre-loss condition" their 1994 converting press. 

Print Units 4, 5 and 6 had the most damage as a result of the fire. All 9 units had some level of damage. The converting packaging press was restored along with the building interior. Replacement of all damaged mechanical and electrical components was completed mostly on site.The machine was ready for partial production in 3 months from the start. While restoring the packaging press, the entire machine was also cleaned and painted on site. Damaged Controls, hardware and wiring were replaced throughout. What were once obsolete parts and controls were replaced with new, readily available parts and controls. Our skilled engineers specialize in reverse engineering. We work with the insured's in house staff to understand the machine and restore to pre-loss condition. All new parts, controls and documentation were made available to the customer. All workmanship and new components come with warranty.This machine was possibly destined for total loss. It is estimated that a total loss would have cost the carrier 15 million dollars in equipment and business interruption. Partial production was achieved in 3 months. Full production will be achieved in 9 months.