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Remanufactured M1000B Press (6) Unit Single Web Heat-set Press with Inline Finishing System

The Project Featured here is a Harris M-1000B 22.75 Cut-Off X 38" Web Width (6) Unit Single Web Heat-set Press with an Inline Finishing System:


(1) Butler Splicer Datamat model # 6000 with Hoist and connecting framework 50” roll capacity.
(1) Harris T-23U single pass infeed
(6) Harris M1000B printing units
(1) WPC CCR Register System
(1) Dual Zone Contiweb Ecoweb Dyrer approx.32’ long
(1) 6 Roll Harris Chill Stand
(1) Quad Tech Silicone Unit
(1) All drive lines and guarding
(1) Ternes Automatic Plate Bender
(1) Vits Sheeter
(1) Scheffer Pattern Perforating Unit
(1) 90 degree anglebar section to turn the web right angle to the press centerline
(1) Web transport system
(1) 1 in 4 out Scheffer motorized ribbon deck/Angle bar package
(1) Scheffer four ribbon compensator section
(1) Scheffer Remoist gluer
(1) Scheffer Wet Flap gluer with (1) plow station attachment
(3) Scheffer Free Standing Plow Stations
(1) WPM Rotary Cutter Modified to 5/8 undercut for disposable knife system
(1) WPM Fast Track Delivery Table

(3) NEW Airshafts
(1) NEW Graphic Innovators Web Break Detection System
(1) NEW Farvel Automatic Grease Systems
(1) NEW AEC Low pressure blower air cooling unit
(12) NEW Graphic Innovators Ink levelers
(1) NEW Graphic Innovators 200HP Press drive
(1) NEW Baldwin Impact Blanket Wash System
(1) NEW Spare parts package

Blanket box to bore clearances reduced to a tolerance range of .002 to .0025.
Plate box to bore clearances reduced to a tolerance range of .0018 to .0023.
Plate bearing loads 6-7lbs., Blanket 8-9lbs
Blanket cylinder gear hubs are fitted, installed Run out on the face and the O.D. is checked and repaired as necessary to hold a tolerance of .0005 total indicator reading
Hex reel rod end on the blanket cylinders for ease of pulling in new blankets.
Plate cylinder aren supplied with .015 inch undercuts.
M-1000B nylon covered ink vibrator rollers.
New tool steel heat-treated Ink Fountain Rollers 52 RC
Split ink fountain roller coupling and castings for easy removal of roller.
All vibrator rollers have needle bearings and hard race
All printing units have new high volume oil bath system
All printing units have independent heat exchanger.
All printing units have inker clutches
Sidelay register systems machined to eliminate shims
All ductor brackets Are modified to needle bearing pivot
All printing unit first vibrator rollers contacted by the ductor to be non-driven
All units to contain New Graphic Innovators remote IO’s
All Press buttons and wire repaired or replaced
All Press motors rebuilt
Roller hangers will be updated to include stainless chain
All spindle pins will be hardened to 62 Rockwell to improve service
New Graphic Innovators H-13 Cylinder Bearers
All cylinder bearings will be new SKF precision spherical
All unit function air cylinders will be rebuilt or replaced
Printing units are anchored at the spreaders in six areas
All electrical solenoids Are replaced with new and mounted above rotary unions.
Digital Remotes at the operators console for the chill stand tension control
Timing Belt drop down drive with single position clutch
Operator’s Console contains auto sequencing one button start up and fault indicator screen
480 volt cables Are run in separate conduit
WPM Rotary Cutter is modified to the 5/8 Knife gap with the new disposable style Knife base and throw away knife blade insert.
WPM Rotary Cutter will be modified to be “Shaftless” with an independent drive
New Siemens Servo Drive System at the Chill Roll Stand
Segmented Ink Fountain key control

All plate and blanket cylinders are remanufactured and returned to original manufactured specifications.
Drive train is rebuilt complete replacing all worn gearing, shafts, castings, oscillating mechanisms bearings and bushings
All bearings, seals, bushings, shims and spacers replaced new
Circumferential Register Systems is rebuilt
Replace all eccentrics with new or recondition OD's and ID's to meet or better original M1000B specifications.
Set up, check cylinder frame bores for wear.
Hand fit each housing box to corresponding bore prior to cylinder installation
Inspect impression linkage for excessive play. Repair all linkage with drill bushing upgrade.
Rebush impression throw off shaft bores recondition shafts
Replace worn sidelay shafts and all bearings with new
Replace all bushings, seals, cam followers, and bearings with new
Recondition all hangers
Rebuild ductor system, Fit with Needle Bearings
Recondition or replace all air cylinders
Supply resurfaced rubber rollers for the printing units
All ink fountain drive parts are replaced with new
New split cap fountain castings included