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A Definition of the Digital Press from Graphic Innovators

Although you are most likely surrounded by products of digital printing in your daily life, most people are unaware of the history of this innovative style of printing press. The first printing press was created by German Johannes Gutenberg in 1440 and has since seen almost two dozen variations in 570 years. The latest version, 3-D printing presses, were created around 2003 but the digital press is much more widely used and dates back to 1993. Common sources of digital presses are high volume inkjet and laser printers and nearly all offices and home printers apply some form digital printing. For a better understanding of what the digital printing press is all about, here are quick explanations of both the process and applications:

Digital Press Process

The main difference between a digital press and standard printing presses, which is also the highly preferred difference, is the lack of replacing printing plates. A typical commercial analog printing press requires a continuous cycle of plate replacement which causes a loss of detail in the images and a poor turnaround time. Inkjet and laser printers are used the world over and are capable of casting an image onto paper, photo paper, metal, glass, canvas, marble, and a variety of other surfaces. Businesses the world over exist only due to the advancements of the digital press.

Digital Press Applications

Desktop publishing would not be possible without the use of a digital printing press. Home and office printing have provided businesses and individuals the convenience of printing their own materials and it is all thanks to the digital press. Substrate printing is the method of printing a digital image onto a surface other than paper, and hundreds if not thousands of businesses rely on this technique every day. Plastic, wood, aluminum, ceramic tile, and glass are only a handful of surfaces utilized by substrate printing. The advertising field has widely broadened their capabilities with digital printing presses and both amateur and professional photographers appreciate their capabilities as well.

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