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Buy Your Next Used HeidelbergPress from Graphic Innovators

If you are in the market for a used Heidelberg printing press, the clear choice is Graphic Innovators in Elk Grove Village, Illinois. Although they are widely known for their new and remanufactured printing presses, as well as amazing service, Graphic Innovators offers a variety of used commercial web presses, newspaper web presses, sheetfed presses, digital presses, and much more. Customers in the market for a used Heidelberg printing press have several options to choose from at Graphic Innovators and here are a few examples to choose from:

Used Heidelberg Sheetfed Press

With more than a dozen currently available, we’ll focus on a 2006 Heidelberg XL 105 6LX. Typically used for sheetfed printing and packaging, this printing pressoffers: pre loader, preset plus feeder, continuous feed and delivery, Type 2 preset plus delivery, CP 2000, and blanket, roller, and cylinder wash. This particular press is capable of making 118mill impressions.

Used Heidelberg Newspaper Press

Newspaper printing presses are often intricate machinery and the Heidelberg Mercury Tower Coldset Newspaper Press is no exception. This model features seven 2 Highs, 5 Folders, 20 splicers, and 6 consoles. All of the 4 Highs have quad tech RGS V registration and GMI remote ink, WPC web guides, Martin Splicers, and infeeds. Other specifications include a Heidelberg Harris combination folder with two compensator sections, press control consoles, and telecolor ink desks.

Used Heidelberg Saddlebinder Press

This 2001 Heidelberg SP-870 Pacesetter Saddlebinderfeatures a binder consisting of 22 pockets, a cover deck on 24, and a cover feeder FF105 pocket. The specifications of this printing press include, but are definitely not limited to, a maximum speed cycle of 15,500 CPH, front end delivery with a 40 HP drive and motor, and cast iron base frames for high speed and stable operation. Saddlebinderprinting presses are truly one-of-a-kind.

These are only three examples of the used Heidelberg printing presses available at Graphic Innovators. They also carry a sizeable stock of parts and accessories, and a Graphic Innovators technician will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Are you ready to buy your next Heidelberg press? Call or stop by the Graphic Innovators website right now!