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Choosing a Printing Press

While you may be keen to invest in a printing press for your business, taking time to choose the right one is absolutely vital. Not only are they physically huge, but they come in many different varieties for different needs, forcing you to develop a list of priorities. For example, if you print a weekly newspaper, a newspaper printing press is an obvious choice. You won't, however, be able to use it for printing your direct mail or fliers, and this is what makes it tricky.
The way you intend to run your press also affects the type you should choose. Some printing presses require a dedicated operator, while others are able to run smoothly using automatic functions. A sheetfed printer like a used Heidelberg is more manageable for smaller businesses, while a bigger machine, like a Harris M1000B, can handle higher volumes.

The Age Factor

Printing presses also vary by age, which can make a major difference, depending on your needs. For example, you may find that a refurbished printing press from the 1980s is perfectly suitable for your needs, and represents an opportunity to save money on the investment. However, older machines like these may require you to invest in enhancements and parts to keep them running smoothly.

A New Printing Press

Conversely, a newer machine may cost significantly more than an older one, but you get what you pay for. It may not be as heavily used, its parts are newer and it has more optional features that you can add on down the line. It could offer more automation, or conveniences like touch screen controls that simply aren't available on older models. You can't choose just any press, and you can't shop based on price alone. Only by thoroughly examining your priorities and your printing needs can you determine what kind of printing press is a sound investment for you and your business.