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Considerations When Choosing a Printing Press

Whether you're choosing a new or a used printing press, there are many factors that you need to take into consideration. The size, the level of automation, the speed and more are all crucial considerations that impact whether or not a particular printing press is appropriate for your commercial or industrial printing needs. If you know just a few of the general factors that you should consider, you'll be better equipped to start your search for the right press.

Size and Speed

The size and speed of printing presses varies greatly, so it's important to have realistic predictions of how much power you need. For example, some machines may be capable of less than 20,000 prints per hour, while others can produce four times that amount. One contributing factor is whether the machine is a web-fed or sheet-fed printing press, as the former quickly unspools paper off of a giant roll while the latter is fed individual sheets and is typically not as fast. The size of your machine matters, as well, as some companies—Solna, for example—manufacture smaller, space-conscious presses while other companies manufacture machines that take up considerably more room.

Add-ons and Automation

Some web-fed and sheet-fed printing presses are more easily customized than others. For example, some manufacturers engineer peripherals that improve the performance of their printing presses by drying the ink faster, reducing emissions, adding a glossy coat or even implementing counterfeit-prevention measures. These pre- and post-press add-ons can increase the value and versatility of your press, but they aren't necessarily available for all makes and models.

Similarly, some manufacturers design their printing presses with varying degrees of automation, particularly according to the specific application. For example, some printing presses are designed not only to print on the page, but to cut, fold and bind printed materials into final products like brochures, folders, books and more.

More Information About Choosing a Printing Press

These are only a few general considerations you have to keep in mind as you start looking for a printing press. The specifics of choosing a press are significantly more complicated, so to learn more about what kind of press is best for you, contact Graphic Innovators.