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How Komori Offset Presses are Used Globally

With its expansive variety of printing presses, Komori is a long-established global leader in printing technology and innovation. Komori offset presses are widely used the world over, and when you see the technology for yourself, it's easy to understand why. The company was founded in the 1920s, but is always looking toward the future, which is evidenced by the technologically advanced machines that it continues to manufacture. By integrating innovative technology with its printing presses, Komori ensures that its machines are adaptable for the future, cementing its place in the global marketplace.

Small, Powerful Machines

Part of what makes Komori offset printing presses so popular globally is their versatility, as these machines are engineered to be small but mighty. Komori intentionally designs its machines to be small in size, reducing the amount of space that they take up on a production floor. This comes with obvious benefits for any production facility as far as size is concerned, but it also makes the machines more cost-effective on both a short-term and a long-term basis—they cost less than massive printing machines, and they don't consumer as much power during operation.

An Internationally-Trusted Name

Komori is a well-recognized name around the world, and its printing presses are trusted even for high profile operations. The company has branches across different continents, including offices in France, Japan and the United States, so you're never particularly far from company resources. Its printing presses are relied upon for printing bank notes in countries like Nigeria and India, showing that these machines can be trusted for virtually any operation, no matter how small or large.

Implementing Future Technology

Komori offset presses of different types are all engineered with one thing in mind: Sustainability. For example, many machines are designed with a focus on automation, making it easier to run them with a smaller floor staff. Other machines are designed to reduce the emissions and pollutants that can be a natural part of the printing process. No matter what type of printing press you invest in, you can rest assured that it was built to last.

More Information about Komori Presses

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