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How Solna Printing Presses Became Worldwide Favorites

Solna printing presses are made in Sweden, but they're famous for their quality all over the world—so much so, in fact, that more than 90 percent of Solna's sales are to countries outside of Sweden. Its major international reputation for greatness is the result of Solna's longtime commitment to quality production and versatile machinery, giving more power and longer-lasting quality to its users. This has also made Solna a major name in used printing press sales, ensuring that whether you're buying a machine new or on the secondhand market, you're getting lasting, dependable quality that people depend on across the globe.

Emphasizing Quality

Solna printing presses are designed with one thing in mind: High quality. The company's philosophy is rooted in creating reliable, flexible machines that last, allowing users to enjoy quality results while reducing waste. The company continually searches for ways to improve the printing process, like introducing higher levels of automation so that printing is more efficient and offering extensive customer service. This dedication to providing a better experience for the people that use Solna machines demonstrates the company's focus on making printing more efficient and easier with fundamental improvements.

Increasing Automation

By improving the level of automation that goes into commercial and industrial printing, Solna printing presses offer unique convenience and reliability to their users. For example, special printing presses designed for book production automate the entire process, completing every step of the book's production from printing, cutting and folding to gluing and binding. By constantly improving automated features like this, Solna ensures that its printing presses are always offering something new to its global clientele. By designing its machines for long lives and quality that stays reliable for decades, though, it also ensures that its machines are always dependable and enjoy a long second life on the used press market.

More Information About Solna Machines

Since the 1940s, Solna has been making a strong name for itself in the competitive global printing press market. With its long-lasting, forward-thinking machines, it has cemented its international reputation. To learn more about what Solna printing presses can offer you and your business, contact Graphic Innovators.