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How a Solna Printing Press Can Streamline Publishing

The printing and physical construction of a book is a complex procedure that can be performed with varying degrees of machine assistance. For example, old-fashioned publishing may be done largely by hand, using the printing press only for the actual printing and cutting of the pages. With a machine like a Solna printing press, the process can be much more heavily automated, making human error less likely and streamlining the printing and construction process from start to finish.

The Role of a Typical Printing Press

All modern publishing since the days of Gutenberg relies on the printing press. Even when traditional bookbinders assemble their products by hand, the pages themselves come from a printing press, where they are printed en masse. Instead of printing each page individually, they are printed on large sheets that are strategically cut and folded according to the size of the book.

When being made by hand, people assemble the folded pages, stacking and gluing them into the binding manually. This is a lengthy process that relies on the combine efforts of many people, in addition to the smooth functioning of the printing press churning out pages.

How Solna Printing Presses Change Everything

A Solna printing press designed for book production utilizes the type of automation that has changed the book publishing industry forever. With the level of automation afforded by this type of press, the book is printed and assembled completely by the machine, completely streamlining the process. This accomplishes several important things, like increasing the speed of book publishing. In addition to increasing the speed of publishing, it reduces the risk of human error, as everything is predetermined and automatically completed. And while a Solna printing press still requires trained and diligent operators to ensure quality like any other printing press does, the full automation of the publishing and construction process significantly decreases the size of the staff that you need for production.

More Information About Printing Presses for Books

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