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Innovation and the Printing Press

The printing press has come a long way since the 15th century, and it's no more apparent than in recent industrial innovations. Modern presses are able to churn out tens and even hundreds of thousands of pristine copies every hour, turning even a relatively small warehouse into a printing center that rivals professional publishing houses.

Get A Press of Your Own

By investing in your own printing press, you dramatically increase your business's power to reach people. Modern industrial presses by worldwide companies like Heidelberg enable their users to take professional printing into their own hands, saving them from the hassle and expense of outsourcing the job.

Traditionally reserved for smaller industrial print jobs, sheetfed printers are ideal for small businesses that don't need the expense of printing on a larger scale. A used Heidelberg, for example, can provide you with the superior speed of a large-scale printing press without sacrificing quality.

The Heidelberg 2008 Speedmaster XL 105-5 L, for example, is capable of putting out 15,000 pages every hour with uncommon precision. When connected to Prinect Workflow, this printer is equipped with an inline system that measures colors and adjusts itself to make corrections on the fly, increasing output and saving its users money by drastically reducing paper waste. In addition to speed and accuracy, this printing press boasts other features, as well:

  • AutoPlate XL automatic simultaneous paper changer
  • Spectrophotometric quality measuring and control system
  • Narrow color tolerances, reducing misprints
  • Five color coater format
  • Dynamic sheet brake

This is just one of the used Heidelbergs that can help a business reduce waste and increase printing productivity. Printing presses like these prove that you can have it all when it comes to speed and precision, enabling you to put out an impressive volume of print jobs without risking a dip in quality or accuracy.

Choose A Heidelberg Printing Press

Whether you're tired of relying on third-party printing companies or you simply want to increase the reach of your business, a Heidelberg or another model of sheetfed printing press can give you the power of professional-grade industrial printing.