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Modern Technology in KBA Printing Presses

In 1812, Friedrich Koenig invented the first steam-powered printing press. His pioneering spirit and dedication to improving the printing industry through better, more efficient technology is still alive today in the company he helped found. Koenig was a co-founder of KBA, a company that still makes printing presses today. True to Koenig's industrial, innovative commitment to improvement, KBA printing presses continually implement new technology to engineer revolutionary improvements in the industry.

Embracing Digital Printing

As digital printing technology grows more and more advanced, KBA printing presses improve their digital technology so that the machines are better suited for it. Unlike traditional presses that use physical plates for printing, digital printing works by reading computer files, allowing for unparalleled levels of customization between prints. Their printing presses embrace digital technology even when they aren't printing digitally, though. For example, the implementation of touch screen technology makes it easier for press operators to calibrate and operate their equipment, allowing for a smaller degree of human error and offering new levels of user-friendliness.

Automatic Features

Koenig dreamed of a future in which machine-assisted printing was more heavily automated and didn't rely on manual hand operation. The speed and automation of modern KBA printing presses, then, are a dramatic leap in the right direction, demonstrating impressive levels of computerized self-awareness. For example, after being calibrated, the machine can monitor its own quality, reducing the risk of misprints and waste. By comparing the color quality of its prints to their intended quality, the machine can detect any problems as they occur and make minor adjustments along the way.

Printing Press Speed

KBA printing presses are available in a wide variety of types for different industries, ensuring that small or large, your printing needs are met. For example, a larger printing press is capable of producing 80,000 prints per hour, making it ideal for large print jobs and industrial use. Smaller printing presses are available, as well, so even if you don't have such intense printing demands, you can still take advantage of the quality, innovation, speed and automation of KBA.

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