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New Beiren Presses Offer Pre- and Post-Press Options

The quality of your printing press isn't determined just by the press itself, but by its capabilities, and what it can offer you before and after ink is pressed to paper. For example, many new Beiren presses are compatible with various pre- and post-press options that allow you to further customize your printing, take advantage of automated processes and take your printing capabilities to whole new levels.

Pre-Press Counterfeiting Protection

One of the most notable pre-press functions compatible with new Beiren presses is its anti-counterfeiting measures. Beiren is a distributor for JURA JSP, a security design system specializing in bank note security and counterfeit protection. By stamping a bank note with an detailed pattern of intricately woven fine lines, this treatment makes a bank note significantly more difficult to counterfeit before it even goes through the printing press. It can even treat the bank note with specific colors that are designed to be difficult to replicate, making it a valuable treatment for sensitive documents that are at-risk for unapproved duplication.

Options After the Printing Press

Beiren manufactures and makes available a wide variety of lines complementary to their printing presses, enabling you to customize your production according to your specific industry needs without having to integrate products from different manufacturers.

For example, if you're printing materials that need to be bound, Beiren manufactures a complete line of trimming, gathering and binding machines that can be integrated with their printing presses. If you are printing materials that need to be die-cut, Beiran makes post-press machines for that, as well. They also manufacture machines that do post-press paper cutting, saddle stitching, folding and more, giving you numerous options to go with a variety of new Beiren presses.

New Beiren Presses to Match

In the same spirit of flexibility and automation offered by their pre- and post-press machines, Beiren manufactures a wide variety of printing presses to suit virtually any needs. From digital printing to web-fed and sheet-fed printers, Beiren has solutions for printing customers of all types.

To learn more about Beiren printing presses and the machines that they're compatible with, contact Graphic Innovators.