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Quality Low Cost Used Printing Equipment

If you are in the market for used printing equipment, conducting solid research is a must before making your final purchasing decision. Although you may find the used printing press you want at an amazing price, the company selling it may be unreliable and unforthcoming about their business. Located in Elk Grove, Illinois just west of O’Hare International Airport, Graphic Innovators supplies new and used printing equipment and machines to customers all over the world. Graphic Innovators understands the high demand for this type of machinery and offers one of the most expansive selections on the market. Customers seeking anything from used parts to used Heidelberg M600 web press can count on Graphic Innovators to deliver superior products and customer service.

Find A Used Heidelberg For Your Needs

For example, if a customer is considering purchasing a used Heidelberg M600 web press from Graphic Innovators they will be provided a clear explanation of all features and specifications of the model on sale. All applicable attachments such as spare parts, rollers, electrical diagrams, and operator manuals will also be available to ensure they will receive the complete package. Heidelberg presses are world renowned for their expertise in printing presses, digital printing presses, and other imaging devices. Graphic Innovators proudly upholds the standard of the brand with every press they sell.

Choose Among Our Excellent Selection Of Parts

If a customer is only in need of specific parts for a Heidelberg M600 unit, they can choose from dozens of “like-new” parts at Graphic Innovators as well. From large integral parts including an Ink Ball Drive Motor to smaller pieces such as plate clutch gears and ink fountain cheeks, customers will be able to properly fix or upgrade their printing press. Graphic Innovators also employs expert mechanical and electrical field service technicians who specialize in a wide variety of used printing equipment services.

With more than two decades of dedicated and dependable service to their name, Graphic Innovators continues to expand their business and catalog of products and services. Customers have come to expect excellence from both their personnel and printing presses and Graphic Innovators plans to maintain their valued reputation in the industry.