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The Harris m1000b Puts Your Printing Needs Within Reach

At Graphic Innovators, we specialize in offering you a full line of service for your commercial printing needs. Making the most of our 92,000 square foot warehouse near Chicago's O'Hare International Airport, Graphic Innovators offers in-house re-manufacturing, rebuilding, and most after-market services to match your printer with your specifications.

Full service commercial printing

We take serious pride in our technical skills, but we have more to offer than you may be aware of. While our customers know us the world over as expert re-builders, Graphic Innovators also specializes in reselling and auctioning used equipment. Graphic Innovators is best known for our hands-on work, but we also offer affordable commercial printing supplies.

Among our top sellers are replacement parts for the Harris m1000 through m1000BE series. If you have an m1000b press, you may want to check our sales information on the following popular items:

  • Main Worm Gear
  • Ink Fountain Roller
  • Blanket Bearer
  • Plate Cylinder Bearer
  • Ink Ratchet Gear
  • Ink Ratchet Pawl
  • Work Side Ductor Stud

Find a Harris m100b you're looking for

Whether you're looking to track down a great deal on pre-owned equipment or if you're more comfortable with a new machine, we're confident that you'll find anything for your Harris m1000b.

However, if you're looking to start from scratch, we also offer a complete Harris m1000b printing press for sale. Check out our product specifications

If you need assistance, one of our specialized staff members will readily assist you in tracking down the parts or machine you need. Give us a call at 847-718-1516 today, or visit us on the web at