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The Potential of Automation

Printing presses used to require human operators and constant maintenance, not matter how small the job was. Those days are long gone, though, and automation is a shining example of just how far the industry has come. No longer does printing a few fliers or brochures mean standing around the printing room, watching out for errant ink splotches and misaligned pages. Instead, business owners can rest easy knowing that their printing presses are doing all the work for them.

Automatic technologies give you the freedom to step away from the printing press and attend to other things, checking in only periodically. And while technology hasn't quite advanced to the point of these machines being entirely self-sufficient, it's gotten close, and it makes life infinitely easier for anyone interested in doing his own printing.

Komori Presses Boast Automatic Features

When you run a small business, you don't have time to hover around the printing press, making sure that everything runs smoothly. That's when a sheetfed machine like a Komori press, comes in handy. Komori presses sport automatic features that help the machine govern its own functions, keeping itself in check and ensuring that it can practically run itself.

The 2004 Komori LS640 L, for example, features a plate feeder that is fully automatic. The 2001 Komori L640 6-color also features a host of automated features:

Blanket washers
Ink roller cleaners
Ink vibrator rollers
Plate loader
Plate changer

No Need For Hands-On Operation

When all of these features work in tandem, the machine requires relatively little hands-on operation, giving you peace of mind and security. Of course, Komori Presses aren't the only ones that prioritize automation. Printing presses from other manufacturers also demonstrate the industry shift toward hands-off operation, proving that as the needs of consumers change, the printing press can and will continue to evolve as it has already done for centuries.