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Three Reasons to Service Your Printing Press with Graphic Innovators

Although Graphic Innovators is widely known for offering new and remanufactured printing press equipment, theyspecialize in rebuilding and servicing printing presses as well. In fact, Graphic Innovators has been performing these services for over 20 years and continues to train their staff in concurrence with new industry trends. Their wide range of OEM aftermarket services provide customers a one-stop shop for work needed on their Heidelberg Press, Sunday® Press, and many other makes and models.

From a modern digital press to an older standard printing press, Graphic Innovators has you covered. Here are three concrete reasons why Graphic Innovators is the company to call when you need service on your printing press:

Experienced Mechanical and Electrical Field Service Technicians

Graphic Innovators’ two decades of experience is highlighted by the men and women who perform the work on the printing presses. Depending on the location of the client, Graphic Innovators can send a technician to handle on-site printing press and digital press issued within the same day. The technician team is skilled in all aspects of printing press repair and upgrades and some own proficiencies with certain models. Technicians will also provide equipment training if necessary.

Wide Selection of Old and New Printing Press Parts and Equipment

There is nothing more frustrating than shutting down operations to wait days for a single part to arrive. Graphic Innovators stocks thousands of new and used ready-to-ship parts for dozens of specific printing presses. Press cylinders, dryer parts, timing belts, and rubber rollers can all be ordered and shipped on the same business day from the Graphic Innovators large warehouse near Chicago’s O’Hare airport.

Willingness to Go the Extra Mile for Our Customers

Graphic Innovators has a long list of clients due to their commitment to excellence. For example, most companies in the industry do not offer preventative maintenance programs to their customers. Graphic Innovators always addresses parts requiring periodic maintenance to find problems before they exist. Graphic Innovators will also perform audits and evaluations on printing presses to assess the current state of your standard or digital press. There are a lot more reasons to hire Graphic Innovators to handle your printing press services; call them now to find out why!