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Uses of Digital Printing

Digital printing has only been in wide use since the early 1990s, but this refined process has made digital presses a popular choice for creating single-piece or short-run products. Unlike presses that use methods like offset printing, digital printing doesn't require the production of plates—you can go straight from image creation to printing in a matter of seconds.

Inkjet Printing

Inkjet printing is the same type of printing you probably use in your color printer at the office, but on a larger scale. In this process, you don't create a physical plate with your image on it like you would with an offset printer. Instead, you cut out that process entirely, sending your image as a digital file to the printer. The printer reads that file and applies ink in the proper pattern directly to the paper. Different inkjet printers have different color capabilities—the more colored cartridges the printer needs, the more colors it is able to mix and produce on the page.

This type of digital press is popular for short runs of products, or when you don't know how many of a certain product you may need. This is why it is also known as "on demand" printing. For example, if you are self-publishing a book, you don't have to pay to order a thousand copies hoping to sell them all—you can print however many you need, when you need them. Compare that to a web-fed printing press from Solna, Goss® or another major, non-domestic brand—these require you to create plates and print a large, pre-determined number of copies.

How Digital Presses are Used

In addition to on-demand printing, digital presses are more useful for different applications than offset printers are. For example, these types of presses may be used for large format printing, creating materials like outdoor banners, trade show posters and large signs. They are also the printing method of choice for photographers and artists, as it allows them to fine-tune their image files between prints until they make them look exactly the way they want them to. To learn more about printing presses from Solna and other brands, or digital press options, contact Graphic Innovators.