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Where to Find the Best Used Printing Press Equipment

For companies in the publication field, having a resource for fairly priced yet exceptional used printing press equipment is a must. Buying brand new parts for printing presses will definitely hurt their bottom line and if perfectly operational, used printing press equipment is available, it is an obvious decision. Graphic Innovators of Elk Grove Village, Illinois has been supplying used parts for their domestic and worldwide customers for over 20 years and offers one of the most comprehensive selections on the market. Whether it’s used auxiliary equipment, support equipment, bindery equipment, or inline finishing, Graphic Innovators has you covered. Here are several examples of each type of used printing press equipment offered at Graphic Innovators:

Used Auxiliary Equipment

Splicers, Infeeds, Printing Units, Remoist Gluers, and Turret Rewinders

Used Inline Finishing

Rotary Die Cutters, Hot Melt Gluers, Rotary Trimmers, Perforators, and Angle Bars

Plant Support Equipment

Chillers, Ink Pumps, Fountain Chemistry, Zone Temp Control, and Afterburners

Used Bindery Equipment

Saddle Stitchers, Cutters, Perfect Binders, and Offline Folders

The intricacies of a printing press rival that of jet engine. There are hundreds of parts that reply on one another to work in perfect harmony and some printing presses are more complex than others. Graphic Innovators understands that not having the right part on hand can cost their clients thousands of dollars each day. In order to fulfill this need they utilize the operational parts of non-working printing presses for used parts. And instead of generic parts matched for size, Graphic Innovators will use a part from the exact same model of an inoperative used printing press to fix the problem immediately.

In addition to used printing press equipment, Graphic Innovators also sells new printing presses, rebuilt web presses, and provides on-site aftermarket service. The staff at Graphic Innovators consists of experienced electrical and mechanical field service technicians who are always ready to answer the call. Companies rely on Graphic Innovators for enhancing, upgrading, rebuilding, and supporting a wide variety of printing press equipment. So no matter if you need quality used printing press equipment or one of their many services, call or email Graphic Innovators today!